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The Mission

Bending The Arc Triple Vinyl 3LP (Coloured Vinyl)

Triple Heavyweight LP $52.99

Release Date: 30/03/2018

Discs: 3

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From Wayne:

I was in conversation with my friend, Graham, recently and between bouts of bemoaning LFC’s recent performances the subject of ‘live’ albums came up. He was suggesting that we, The Mission, record every show we play and release it, his contention being that there would be people that would want every show. I had to disagree. I think it would appeal to such a minuscule fraction of our audience that the cost of doing it would never be recovered by what we would most likely make back. And sadly we’re not in a position where we can subsidise an undertaking of this magnitude ourselves.

One other factor, which is an even bigger one for me, is that I generally do not like ‘live’ albums, either as a listener or a musician. There have been very few ‘live’ albums that have been worthwhile, in my humble, and those that have have generally been touched up in the studio after the event. No, it’s not a medium I am fond of.

That being said, I do realise that there is a desire, however bespoke, to sometimes document what we are doing at any given time and with that in mind we are going to record the last day of rehearsals on Nov. 7th, the day where we will have a group of fans in attendance, and release it as a double ‘live’ album.

The idea, mine so blame me, is that a rehearsal scenario is a controllable environment as opposed to the mayhem and unpredictability of a ‘live’ show. As musicians we will have more control over the quality of the performance and recording. Also, we won’t be beholden to the set list we will probably be playing on this upcoming run of shows. There doesn’t have to be yet another ‘live’ version of Wasteland or Deliverance included on this release, the emphasis being on more recent releases and live versions of rarely recorded songs previously such as Like A Child Again and Swoon, to name but two.